Quick-Seal MB4 9654/MB4

Quick-Seal MB4 9654/MB4

Quick-Seal MB4 9654/MB4


Quick-Seal MB4 9654/MB4 is a sealant tape made of 100 % virgin, expanded PTFE manufactured by a special process giving the tape a multi-directional fibre structure with a self-adhesive strip on one side. Quick-Seal MB4 9654/MB4 is currently the first and only multidirectional ePTFE tape with approval and certification according to Germany's TRD 401 /VdTÜV-Merkblatt Dichtung 100 regulation and is especially adapted to the needs of inspection hole and man-hole connections.


  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Outstanding residual stress properties
  • Exceptional adaptability
  • Minimized cold-flow and creep behaviour
  • Universal media resistance
  • Easy handling

Operating range

Temperature: t = approved up to 250 °C
Pressure: p = approved up to 40 bar steam
and 88 bar water (operating pressure)
Chemical resistance: pH = 0 … 14

Resistant to all media, except diluted and molten alkali metals as well as elementary fluorine
at t >150 °C and p >40 bar.

Standards and approvals

  • TÜV
  • TRD 401


No danger of confusion because one tape could be used for all types of vessels and lids. With the self adhesive strip on one side, the tape is easy to install. To get a seal, the tape should be cut with an angle at one end. If possible start at bolt hole. Then the tape can be stuck around the flange in the middle of the sealing surface. To close the ends, the tape should again be cut with an angle and overlapped with the start point.

Forms of supply

Supply as tape by the meter, with self adhesive strip for easy installation, on rolls of 10 or 25 m.
tabe size: 15 * 6.0 mm

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