Quick-Seal Universal F 9654/UF

Quick-Seal Universal F 9654/UF

Quick-Seal Universal F 9654/UF


Quick-Seal Universal F 9654/UF is a self-adhesive sealing tape made from 100% virgin ePTFE (Teflon). The special manufacturing method creates a microporous, monoaxial fiber structure (ePTFE), that gives the seal its special properties.


  • Outstanding adaptability
  • Easy handling
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Does not age

Operating range

Pressure: The pressure resistance depends exclusively on the installation and operating parameters (please read our installation and maintenance instructions).
  • Continuous operation:
    t = -240 °C ... +270 °C
  • transient peak temperature:
    t = +315°C
Recommended surface roughness:
RZ = 12.5 ... 50 μm
Chemical resistance: pH = 0 … 14 Resistant to all media apart from dissolved and molten alkali metals and elementary fluorine at t > 150 °C and p > 40 bar.


With the self-adhesive backing, the sealing tape is quick and simple to install. The adhesive life depends on the storage and installation conditions.

Forms of supply

  • Sold by length on rolls in 5, 10, 25 and 50 m lengths
  • Standard dimensions:
    (Width x Height)
    3 x 1,5
    5 x 2
    7 x 2,5
    10 x 3
    12 x 4
    14 x 5
    17 x 6
    20 x 7
    28 x 5
    40 x 5

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Quick-Seal MB4 9654/MB4 is a sealant tape made of 100 % virgin, expanded PTFE manufactured by a special process giving the tape a multi-directional fibre structure with a self-adhesive strip on one side. Quick-Seal MB4 9654/MB4 is currently the first and only multidirectional ePTFE tape with approval and certification according to Germany's TRD 401 /VdTÜV-Merkblatt Dichtung 100 regulation and is especially adapted to the needs of inspection hole and man-hole connections.

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