RoTechBooster CX

RoTechBooster CX
Item Description
1 Seal Gas Booster
2 Check valve
3 Isolation valves low transmitter
4 On/Off Valve, actuated
5 Differential Pressure Transmitter
6 Bypass Orifice
7 Optional filter - single or duplex, upstream placement (illustrated) or, downstream placement (not illustrated)
8 Temperature monitoring
9 Point drain

RoTechBooster CX


  • Standard model
  • Plug-n-play
  • Compact, electric driven rotating design
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Delivers seal gas flow as defined by API 692
  • Continuous operation


The RoTechBooster CX is a lower cost seal gas booster to deliver seal gas flow effectively for many applications. It has all the necessary instrumentation and valving included.

  • Simple to set-up, easy to operate
  • Reliable design
  • Continuous operation capability
  • Increases seal reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Energy efficient
  • Eliminates concerns with dirty, wet, or unreliable external seal gas sources

Operating range

Impeller type: Single stage, regenerative
Speed: 1,200 … 4,000 min-1
Pressure: Vacuum … 120 bar (1,740 psi)
Temperature: -4 to 180 °C (-20 to 356 °F)
Flow: up to 20 Am3/h (12 ACFM)
Motor size: 7.5 kW

Diameter: 410 mm (16”)
Height: 1,120 mm (44”)
Weight: 400 kg (882 lb.)

Operating conditions outside these ranges require an engineered product. Contact your EagleBurgmann representative for additional details.

Standards and approvals

NEC: Class 1 Div 2
ATEX: Ex II 2 (Zone 1)

Functional description

Adequate, clean, and dry gas flow at the seal governs seal reliability. During normal operation, this is achieved by taking product gas from the compressor high-pressure stage or discharge, flowing it through filter(s) and using it to flush the seal cavity. When the compressor slows and comes to a pressurized standstill, the gas flow is interrupted and leaves the seal(s) unprotected against contaminated product gas. This poses a serious risk, because unfiltered product gas leaves deposits in the primary seal cavity, which causes high seal leakage and even seal failures. To alleviate this problem, the RoTechBooster CX draws gas from the compressor and flows it through filters delivering a clean and dry gas to the seal(s) when seal gas flow must be produced.

Unlike other seal gas boosters that require additional skids to house the needed instrumentations, fittings, and tubing to make them appropriate for installation, the RoTechBooster CX already has all the necessary components included.
All that is required:

1. Inlet supply
2. Outlet back to seal gas panel
3. Power supply - with soft start
4. Signal connections
5. Logic to initiate operation.

It has never been cheaper and easier to incorporate a seal gas booster into your seal gas system.